WHAT TO SEE in Epirus

First of all, visit the Ancient City of Nikopolis in Preveza and see the settlement built by Augustus following his victory over Antony and Cleopatra in the Battle of Actium. Note the Roman and Byzantine elements.
See the exhibition of artifacts found on the Ancient City of Nikopolis site at the newly built Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis, in Preveza.
Visit ancient Dodona and see where the cult of Zeus once flourished.
In Arta, see the women’s carnival and parade and the women’s carnival in Preveza, held during carnival season each year.
Visit the Amvrakian Wetlands and learn about the rare ecosystem flourishing there, and the endangered herons and sea turtles.
See the 14th century fortress, the castle of Ali Pasha of Yannina in Parga, and enjoy the view of this stunningly picturesque town.
In Ioannina see the Its Kale, which was the administrative centre of Ali Pasha.
See the Plaka Bridge on the road between Arta and Ioannina. This is the widest stone bridge in all of Greece.
See the Cave of Ioannina, near the village of Perama, and enjoy the labyrinthine inside and the amazing stalagmites and stalactites.
See the ruins of a medieval caste called Agios Petros near the town of Vonitsa and note the Byzantine architecture.

WHAT TO DO in Epirus

Go on a weekend skiing strip Mount Pindos, Metsovo or Profiti Ilias, Metsovo.
Visit and explore the amazing cliff-hanging monasteries of Meteroa.
Spend a few hours walking through the large archaeological site of the Ancient City of Nikopolis.
Take a walking tour of Parga beginning in Anthousa and the Ali Pasha fortress, then down to Parga town for refreshments and a tasty sea-front meal.
Go camping in Epirus. There are numerous camping grounds in the area, many of which are on the coast.
Stay overnight at Dodoni village and visit the nearby ancient oracle at Dodona.
Enjoy adventurous sports in the region of Epirus. Everything from kayaking and trekking to mountain biking and walking tours are arranged via each city.
Explore the rivers of Epirus by going rafting in the Aoos River and kayaking in Acheron River.
Climb the Epirus mountains. Numerous mountain and rock climbing activities and groups are organised in the Epirotic cities, such as Preveza, Arta, Konitsa and Ioannina.
Visit the ancient city of Kassopi, where the ancient tribe of the Thesprotians once flourished, and see the mystical Nekromanteion or Oracle of the Dead, located near the city of Parga.
Climb to the top of the hill of Zalongo where the women of Souli once threw themselves to their deaths rather than succumb to the Ottoman enemy. Note the stone sculpture commemorating their bravery, designed by George Zongolopoulos.
Near the town of Paramythia, visit the 4th century site of Ancient Elea and note the theatre and market place that once flourished there.

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